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Bubbles.Chat : Local - Anonymous - Rewarding

A community driven live chat Application

Social Chat Application

A cross platform social chat application system

Music App

An android based Music App with 3D and Surround Effects


An android mobile app for getting the direction between two places

Smart Eyed Finger Pointer

A vision-based intelligent system for tracking the finger movements in order to guide the system pointer on the computer screen

Smart Motion Tracking System

A Motion tracking system based on color recognition and comparison among frames

Video Summarization and Shot Detection

A Da-Vinci platform based application for STB to generate table-of-contents of different TV programs with the video processing technologies

Vehicle Tracking and Booking app

A cross platform mobile app for tracking the vehicle movements and Booking through it

Real-time OCR based text extraction and translation from images

Real-time OCR based text extraction and translation from images

Online Restaurant Table Reservation

A cross platform mobile application and a web application has been developed for online restaurant table reservation

Automatic Classification of Cry of Term Neonates

An Android based embedded system has been developed to recognize the babys cry for hunger, Wet Diapers, Pain and other and has been placed at Neonatology Dept., SSKM Hospital, Kolkata.

Gesture Recognition for an advanced UI for STB

A real time English character recognition system with the help of human gestures to facilitate the user interaction with the next generation high-end Digital Set Top Box (STB).

Heavy Commercial Kitchen

A Web App has been made with Wordpress for Moduler and Commercial Kitchen

A Music Pub

A Website has been developed with HTML5, CSS3 and javascript for a Music Pub

Retreat For You

Retreat Services with Luxury Accommodation

Medical instrument Search

A real time system that takes consecutive live pictures of a medical instrument case by an integrated Canon 4.1 MP digital camera before and after its use respectively and finds the change such as object misplacement or disappearance or rotation of the case to some extent.

Low Vision Aid

An embedded solution for people with visual impairment. The solution, with some efficient algorithms for image enhancement, resides on a DSP (TI Da-Vinci platform). It has three use-cases – Watching TV, Reading newspaper and Indoor Aid. It includes different tunable parameters for different kind of image enhancements to meet user flexibility.